Pot Shot

Pot Shot has a beautiful and concise design style, rich level content, and players can use the cannon to launch as much as possible to smash objects on the table for getting a high mark

Amazing Fishing

Click to throw the hook into the sea. Let's see how good you are with fishing! Explore different islands to complete your fish collection.

Fisherman Go!

How many species of fish will you catch? Start catching fish species in Fisherman Go!

Idle Dream Farm

Idle Dream Farm Is a fun and fulfilling game

MeDragons - Clicker & Idle Game

Take control of your very own dragon nest and battlefield. Buy, merge and manage your dragons so you can make them get score!

Pixel Dragon Evolution

Try to synthesize a more advanced dragon!This is a game that you can't stop!

Emo Down

A simple but very exciting game, you need to touch the screen and move your finger to move the obstacles, challenge different difficulty and get high score.

Best Gunner

You can shoot down and smash the target of the desktop in the game, keep earning diamonds and unlock more cool cannons.

Idle Gun Tycoon

Synthesize powerful guns to pass the level and get high scores.

Dawn Crisis: Survivors

Cool action shooting game.Finding hope for survival in doomsday.